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Here, we provide open access to some of the original research conducted by our team members. These are mostly academic research outputs which may include pre-prints of articles or papers under development by our members and affiliated researchers. Other types of research papers provided here include specially commissioned pieces on topical issues related to our research focus areas as well as digital transcripts of conferences and workshops.


Through our projects [hyperlink to go back to Projects tab], we create various resources including research summaries, prototypes, video blogs, wikis, links and other data visualisation tools.




Licensing corpora for natural language processing [#AfricaNLP]

Publication: Beyond intellectual property protection: Other AI intellectual property strategies for the African context

  • Publication: Digital treatment of African cultural heritage: Shifting landmarks and implications for copyright exceptions for archives in Nigeria
  • Publication: Copyright, data mining and developing models for South African natural language processing
  • Publication: Intellectual property and the Constitutional Court of South Africa: Lessons from the deployment of adjudicative strategies
  • Presentation: Authentic assessments in the age of GenAI
  • Presentation: Data science needs law

Publication: Fair use or fair dealing in Africa: The South Africa experience

Publication: Corporate governance of collecting societies in Nigeria: Powers of the sector regulator

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